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based on the HBB coat, this blouson has a box silhouette with the length changed to blouson length and a straight hem. It features a simple, sophisticated look that combines a stylish, modern appearance with comfort.

the material used is a melton fabric made from a double weave. although thick, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

body: 70% wool 20% polyester 5% nylon 5% acryle

made in japan

male model / 190cm / fitting size / M
kids model / 130cm / fitting size / M
*please note, that the size image may differ from the collection photo. please check the dimensions above.

– size guide ↓

S / back length: 74cm shoulder: 75cm chest: 172cm sleeve: 44cm
M / back length: 81cm shoulder: 80.5cm chest: 188cm sleeve: 50cm



表地: 70% ウール 20% ポリエステル 5% ナイロン 5% アクリル


メンズモデル / 190cm / 着用サイズ / M
キッズモデル / 130cm / 着用サイズ / M

– サイズガイド ↓

S / 着丈: 74cm 肩巾: 75cm 身巾: 172cm 袖丈: 44cm
M / 着丈: 81cm 肩巾: 80.5cm 身巾: 188cm 袖丈: 50cm

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