Robert La Roche original vintage eyewear & Edwina Hörl 



オーストリア人の二人は、ウィーンで出会った当時から長い友好関係にあり、2017年には協力し、ロバート・ラ・ロッシュ アイウェアとエドウィナホールのコレクションを合わせることにしました。

2022年春夏コレクション「out of balance」に合わせて、La Rocheのプライベートアーカイブからセレクトしたモデルを展示します。

Robert La Roche original vintage eyewear are unworn glasses dating back to the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties.

Designed with a focus on aesthetic detail, they were painstakingly produced with artisan methods by small manufacturers, using the highest quality acetate – a hypoallergenic and renewable natural material based on cotton fibres. Materials were created and order-made for Robert La Roche, allowing a rich and unique range of colors.

Due to its aesthetical quality and limited availability, Robert La Roche Vintage Eyewear has always been a sought-after collectors item.

In 1986, Robert La Roche entered the Japanese market with his eyewear, mainly working with independent, fashion-oriented optical shops, while Edwina Hörl introduced her first collection in Japan in 1996.

The two Austrians have a long friendship dating back to days, when they met in Vienna, and in 2017 they decided to cooperate and match Robert La Roche vintage eyewear with Edwina Hörl collections.

The models shown are selected from La Roche´s private archive, to match with the spring-summer 2022 collection ‹out of balance›.