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S Sonnenpoesie(太陽の詩)のS

S.A.N.A.E spring summer 2023


S for Sun worshipper: “…there’s nothing more beautiful than being under the sun…” with a hat, Hawaiian shirt, Sanshin…. Short escapes, preferably to Okinawa… and the trips to Austria, from where he loves flying to Spain or Croatia. Just for the sun

S.A.N.A.E spring summer 2023

N: Summer holidays (A LONG VACATION)

On the shutter, which is firmly lowered, there is that poster again, announcing the summer holidays. It doesn’t say from when to when. As long as you feel comfortable, as long as you feel good about it. I feel envious, but it is only for a moment, and that feeling quickly turns to awe. This must be what Rousseau meant by ‘free subject’.
Before I knew it, it was no longer only the summer holidays that were announced on posters. Long summer holidays, rainy season holidays, autumn holidays, winter holidays, attendance at the International Ramen Conference, the number of different kinds of holidays is increasing. The ‘free subject’ is increasing in intensity.