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easy pants
these pants have a unique silhouette with a large curve at the sides that does not emphasize the leg line. this design gives a natural and relaxed impression when worn. they are suitable for a wide range of situations, from casual everyday coordination to more formal occasions.

the fabric is made of a high-density double weave cotton-nylon fabric. this fabric has kickback (the ability of fabric to return to its original shape) and firmness, making it resistant to loss of shape and long-lasting. the combination of cotton-nylon also provides a comfortable fit.

body: 50% cotton 46% nylon 4% polyurethane

made in japan

female model / 170cm / fitting size / XS
female model / 166cm / fitting size / XS
*please note, that the size image may differ from the collection photo. please check the dimensions above.

– size guide ↓

XS / waist: 68~88cm rise: 32cm inner seam: 63cm tight: 71cm cuff: 34cm
M / waist: 76~96cm rise: 34cm inner seam: 70cm tight: 76cm cuff: 38cm



表地: 50% コットン 46% ナイロン 4% ポリウレタン


ウィメンズモデル / 170cm / 着用サイズ / XS
ウィメンズモデル / 166cm / 着用サイズ / XS

– サイズガイド ↓

XS / ウエスト: 68~88cm 股上: 32cm 股下: 63cm わたり: 71cm 裾幅: 34cm
M / ウエスト: 76~96cm 股上: 34cm 股下: 70cm わたり: 76cm 裾幅: 38cm

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