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hbb shirt
the “half but big series” shirts are designed with a unique twisted body shape, creating a difference in drape between the left and right sides. this allows the shirts to be styled in a novel way that is different from ordinary shirts.

the material used is a twill fabric with strong twisted yarns, and the yarns are densely braided. this makes the fabric strong, durable, and resistant to shedding.In addition, the twill fabric features a diagonal weave, resulting in a unique drape. this unique drape allows the fabric to fit the body beautifully and enhance the silhouette.

body: 100% polyester

made in japan

*please note, that the size image may differ from the collection photo. please check the dimensions above.

– size guide ↓

S / back length: 77cm shoulder: 61cm chest: 75cm sleeve: 51cm(right) 53cm(left)
M / back length: 82cm shoulder: 63.5cm chest: 79cm sleeve: 57cm(right) 58.5cm(left)

ハーフバットシリーズ シャツ
「half but bigシリーズ」のシャツは、ボディが独特なねじれた形状にデザインされており、左右のドレープに差が生じています。これにより、通常のシャツとは異なる斬新なスタイリングを楽しむことができます。


表地: 100% ポリエステル



– サイズガイド ↓

S / 着丈: 77cm 肩巾: 61cm 身巾: 75cm 袖丈: 51cm(右) 53cm(左)
M / 着丈: 82cm 肩巾: 63.5cm 身巾: 79cm 袖丈: 57cm(右) 58.5cm(左)

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