hbb stand-up collar blouson



hbb blouson
HALF BUT BIG series” blouson. Unlike conventional blousons, this unique design has a larger-than-usual rear body, as if it were brought to the front.

the fabric is made of wool-cotton boa, providing warmth and comfort.
the boa material has a napping finish that gives it a soft and fluffy feel to the touch. this is an ideal item for the cold season.
*napping process is a processing method that produces fluff on the surface of the fabric.

body: 55% wool 45% cotton

made in japan

male model / 190cm / fitting size / M
*please note, that the size image may differ from the collection photo. please check the dimensions above.

– size guide ↓

S / back length: 70cm shoulder: 79cm chest: 174cm sleeve: 49.5cm
M / back length: 76cm shoulder: 82cm chest: 182cm sleeve: 56cm

ハーフバットシリーズ ブルゾン
「HALF BUT BIGシリーズ」のブルゾン。 従来のブルゾンとは異なり、後身頃を大きく前に持ってきたようなユニークなデザインです。


表地: 55% ウール 45% コットン


メンズモデル / 190cm / 着用サイズ / M

– サイズガイド ↓

S / 着丈: 70cm 肩巾: 79cm 身巾: 174cm 袖丈: 49.5cm
M / 着丈: 76cm 肩巾: 82cm 身巾: 182cm 袖丈: 56cm

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