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shirt dress
this design has an asymmetrical look, with the front deliberately shifted.
the shifted front is designed to fit the body with a floaty neckline.

the front can also be worn together, allowing this shirtdress to be enjoyed in two different styles.

It can also be worn with the front together for a more classic look. In addition, the attached straps allow you to browse (squeeze up) your waist. You can adjust the waist accents to achieve the best fit for you.

the material is made of high-quality polyester blend acetate back satin fabric, which provides an elegant sheen and a comfortable fit.

body: 91% acetate 9% polyester / 85% triacetate 15% polyester

made in japan

female model / 170cm / fitting size / XS
*please note, that the size image may differ from the collection photo. please check the dimensions above.

– size guide ↓

XS / back length: 123cm shoulder: 57cm chest: 70cm sleeve: 56cm
M / back length: 134cm shoulder: 60cm chest: 149cm sleeve: 61.5cm





表地: 91% アセテート 9% ポリエステル / 85% トリアセテート 15% ポリエステル


ウィメンズモデル / 170cm / 着用サイズ / XS

– サイズガイド ↓

XS / 着丈: 123cm 肩巾: 57cm 身巾: 70cm 袖丈: 56cm
M / 着丈: 134cm 肩巾: 60cm 身巾: 149cm 袖丈: 61.5cm

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