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this dress features draping from the armpits to the bodice. the natural flowing lines enhance feminine charm. In addition, the fabric and shape go well together to create a clean silhouette.

the fabric is made of polyester dobby cloth, which offers excellent wrinkle resistance. in addition, it has uv protection and can be used in a variety of everyday situations.

body: 100% polyester

made in japan

female model / 170cm / fitting size / XS
*please note, that the fit of the clothings may differ from the collection photo. please check the dimensions from the size guide below.

– size guide ↓

XS / back length: 125cm shoulder: 26cm middle hip: 95cm around the hem: 183cm
S / back length: 130cm shoulder: 27cm middle hip: 99cm around the hem: 189cm
M / back length: 135cm shoulder: 28cm middle hip: 103cm around the hem: 195cm


生地には、ポリエステル ドビークロスを使用しており、防シワ性能に優れています。さらに、紫外線防止機能も備えており、日常のさまざまなシーンでもお使いいただけます。

表地: 100% ポリエステル


ウィメンズモデル / 170cm / 着用サイズ / XS

– サイズガイド ↓

XS / 着丈: 125cm 肩巾: 26cm ミドルヒップ: 95cm 裾周り: 183cm
S / 着丈: 130cm 肩巾: 27cm ミドルヒップ: 99cm 裾周り: 189cm
M / 着丈: 135cm 肩巾: 28cm ミドルヒップ: 103cm 裾周り: 195cm

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