Death is great. We belong to him with laughing mouth. When we think ourselves in the midst of life,
he dares to weep within us.(Rilke)
Indeed – if the unheard – of occurs, that fissure in life, all we can do is become silent.
When faced with the inexorable fact we must accept,
there is a long hushed moment, a moment in which we step out of our driven existence.
It is also a memento mori – a reflection on one’s own mortality.
All the little deaths we may have already died – leave – talking, farewells, loving…
Are nothing in comparison to the great death.

A4 + A5 saddle-stitched booklet + cord

made in japan

– size guide ↓

Width : 18.3cm
Length : 25.6cm
Pages : 40
Printing : monochrome + color
Year of publication : 2019

私たちが既に死んだかもしれない、あらゆる小さな死 – 旅立ち、別れ、愛などはみな、

A4 + A5 中綴じ冊子 + コード


– サイズガイド ↓
横 : 18.3cm
長さ : 25.6cm
ページ : 40
印刷 : モノクロ + カラー
出版年 : 2019年

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